Monday, November 21, 2016

What Insects And Animals Could Be Hibernating In Your Tree This Winter?

As the weather gets colder, you might be wondering what happened to all the critters and bugs that recently frequented your yard. Turns out, once late October rolls around, many of these animals go into hibernation for the winter months. Hibernation is when the animal goes into a very deep sleep, its body temperature drops and its breathing slows down. The animal uses very little energy.

Some animals that are well known to hibernate are bears and bats. However, did you know there are animals right in your very own neighborhood that go into hibernation? These animals include skunks, chipmunks, bees, box turtles, groundhogs, and snakes.

Wondering which animals could be using your trees as a place for winter hibernation? Here’s a list of animals that could be


When the temperature drops, males and worker bees die off but the queen survives by hibernating. She hibernates in a hole in the soil, in rotten tree stumps or under leaf litter. She will emerge anywhere from 6-8 months later, warm-up and then find a nice spot to build a nest and create a whole new team of bees.

Some Species of Bats

While most bats hibernate in mines and caves, there are some species that hibernate in trees, such as the Eastern red bat, Northern yellow bat, Seminole bat, and silver-haired bat.

Many Different Types of Insects

Many insects hibernate in the holes of trees. Beetles are a well-known example, and are sometimes seen in great numbers in the fall as they congregate at high elevations. Many large wasps seek shelter in the eaves and attics of houses or barns. The Mourning Cloak butterfly is usually the first insect that is noticed in the spring, and this is because it hibernates in tree holes or other shelters during the winter.

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